“A Want or a Must?”

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“A Want or a Must? – The Most Efficient Ways to Save Space When Packing”

One of the biggest questions we ask ourselves before leaving for a vacation is “What am I going to pack?” Just looking at the clothes in your closet can overwhelm you. Of course, you want to bring plenty of options with you on vacation for those ‘just in case’ scenarios. Realistically you come home from your travels having only used about 75 percent or less of the items you packed. Check out these ten tips to maximize the space in your luggage.

  1. Start by Using a Smaller Suitcase

The simplest way to pack light is to use a smaller suitcase or backpack so you can’t over pack. A bigger bag just means you’re more likely to feel the need to fill it with unnecessary items. Investing in a smaller bag will encourage you to pack lighter and ultimately maximize more space in your luggage for more important items.

If you are traveling with medical or aids to daily living supplies, remember that you may pack all those items in a separate suitcase and tag it as medical supplies. You will not be charged a baggage fee for your supply luggage. By packing those items in a separate bag, you will free-up space in your other suitcase for your clothing and other items.

2. Stop. Drop. And Roll.

Instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them instead. Rolling your clothes saves more space in your bag or suitcase compared to folding. Stacking folded clothes makes things bulkier and can cause your bag to bulge (which TSA can easily tag, and have you check because it will not fit in the overhead bin or exceeds the strict weight limit.)

3. Start from the Bottom, Work Your Way Up

The best place to pack your shoes is at the bottom of your suitcase and close to the wheels. Why? This helps keep the weight distributed in a location that won’t make your bag fall over. Another trick here is simply to limit the number of shoes you bring with you. Choose items that are cohesive and can fluctuate with various outfits you’ve packed.

4. Pack the Inside of Your Shoes

Shoes are the BEST place to stuff your smaller items that will not fit in anything else and you won’t want to have floating around in your bag. Items such as rolled-up belts, ties, scarves, socks and eye glass cases may easily fit into a pair of shoes. Sounds silly but, don’t knock it until you have tried it!

5. Use Eye Glass Cases to Store Small Items

Whether you’re bringing your glasses or sunglasses on your trip, there’s usually a little extra space to fit smaller items like your headphones. But if you have an older glasses case or an extra cosmetic bag-reuse it! You can easily store your tweezers, hair ties, cotton swabs, medication, Band-Aids, and much more in this handy case. It’s also more convenient than trying to dig in your bag to find them.

6. Pile on the Layers!

Do not pack your bulky sweater or jacket! It will weigh you down and take up half your luggage. Think about wearing it when you’re traveling or reevaluate whether you have something similar that’s smaller to bring instead. It is best to wear layers when traveling. Airports and planes can be chilly! Then peel off any layers and use them as a pillow or drape over your legs during the flight as a blanket if you can’t sit wearing your thick coat/sweater.

7. Do Inventory and Plan

Every time you take a trip, make a list of what you’re bringing. Create an inventory of everything you’ll need, and cross off the items as you place them in your bag. Prior to packing, go through your closet and see what items you currently have in your closet. Lay the selected items out so you can visually see what you need to make space for—but don’t forget to be minimalistic when packing!

8. Don’t Leave Packing to the Last Minute!

When you’re packing at the last minute you tend to throw everything in your luggage all at once. Stuffing piles of clothes into your bag is one of the most common causes of over-packing. Start laying out your clothes a week before you leave. This way you can take your time planning out what to bring or need to go and buy, instead of desperately rushing to pack so you can catch your flight.

9. Only Pack What Brings You Joy

Try to pack items you actually enjoy. The worst regret any traveler can have is packing things, which take up valuable space, only to end up not using it. Plus, if you save space from limiting your packing that saves room for those souvenirs or additional buys you make while travelling!

10. To Tech? Or Not to Tech?

Try to not pack all the tech devices you own. With most tours there are few opportunities for you to be on a technology device. Some can argue it depends on your vacation plans or if you have a long travel time. But honestly, so many airlines offer free movies during flight, TSA makes you pull out all of your devices for security, and think about all the weight this can bring you…is it really worth the hassle? 

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