“Can’t Is Not in Our Vocabulary”

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Can’t Is Not in Our Vocabulary”

Growing up did you have a swear jar in the house? Or was there a designated ‘time-out’ corner? Whenever we hear the word “can’t”, there goes a quarter in the swear jar. “Can’t” is not in our vocabulary. Choosing to become a traveler with Dignity Travel, you have chosen to turn your “cant’s” into CANS and your dreams into plans.

We have heard all the excuses that one can produce. So, Dignity Travel has taken it upon us to end the excuses. Travelers get this thought that due to their limited mobility or because they use a wheelchair- they are restricted to the world of travel. However, we do not have a similar mindset and will challenge you to read this with an open mind.

Our tours are designed specifically for people with limited walking abilities, use a wheelchair, scooter, or walker and for people who may fatigue easily from walking a long distance. Even when people call us and understand the design of our tours, that we provide hosts to assist our guests, push your wheelchair or even assist you with your daily needs- people will sometime respond with “that’s nice but I still can’t”.

Stigma behind the word “can’t” has become debilitating for many. Living a life where this is your outlook will place any hopes and dreams on hold. Just thinking that you “can’t” do something instantly weakens you. If you have the mindset of “can’t” then your brain will fall into a similar mindset. Automatically limits you and prevents yourself from any challenges that are the slightest of difficulties. It can stop you from trying new experiences.

 If you think “I can’t”, then you are setting yourself up for failure even if you try. Believing that you can do anything is powerful and can give you the motivation you need to act. Once you get started, your success depends on what you’re saying to yourself. Too often people try to achieve a goal and then wonder why their efforts aren’t paying off when what they should have done is just release their doubt.  You need to remove the words “I can’t”. Otherwise, it will slow you down.

The things you wish you could do, but make excuses for, are the things you really want to do. Do not live a life full of regrets. Saying “I can’t” doesn’t make the desire go away forever. It may temporarily subside while you continue your life. Then one day it will come back and consume your thoughts until you decide to act or push it out of your mind for another few weeks, months or even years. This where Dignity Travel steps in, we can turn your dreams into reality.

You would be surprised at how many times after someone took the chance and joined one of our tours, we heard the words- “this is amazing, yes I CAN travel- I hate that I waited for so long.”

You are capable whatever you put your mind to. It sounds so simple, but it’s so true. No matter what age you are right now, you’ve accomplished so much. You’ve done things you didn’t think you could do. Celebrate the small wins you have had in your life so far. Nothing is too small. Being aware of those small wins will give you the confidence you need to know that you have accomplished so much already.

Don’t allow your physical disabilities prevent you from making your dreams a reality. You are doing a disservice to not only yourself but to your family and friends. Those close to you, only wish to have you be at your best and your best is not living life to its fullest. The power of your mind is more powerful than you think. Everything you do or don’t do in life begins with a thought from your mind.

Dignity Travel is here to help you breakdown the barrier of “I can’t” and to assist you in discovering the world that is just out there waiting for you!

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