Q: What does an accessible and easy tour mean?
A: All our tours are designed for people who use a wheelchair, have difficulties walking long distance or who are slow walkers. This means that we arrange accessible hotel accommodations with roll-in showers, grab bars and space to maneuver your wheelchair. We also use adaptive mini-buses or motor coaches for our tours which have a lift or ramp. The sites and activities on our tours are wheelchair accessible and because we use adaptive transportation, we can access the sites at a closer proximity to eliminate long-distance walking. Although our tours offer a lot of sites and activities, we also go at a more leisurely pace to ensure our guests enjoy their travel experience.
Q: What if I can walk only a short distance?
A: We accommodate our guests who can only walk a short distance by providing wheelchair assistance while on tour. One of our group hosts will gladly push you so that you can enjoy all that each tour has to offer. There is no extra charge for wheelchair assistance and we will also provide the wheelchair for you
Q: Why group travel?
A: We often hear from potential guests that they do not think that group travel is right for them, but after joining one of our small group tours, they tell us that they will never travel alone again. Even though you may have never experienced a group travel experience before, you will enjoy the fact that we have small groups - anywhere from six to twelve people per tour. This allows for a better overall travel experience for our guests, free-time to enjoy the destinations on your own, the ability to assist each guest on an individual level and provide itinerary flexibility while on the tour. Best of all, because we take care of all the arrangements and have a group host with you during the tour, you will have a stress-free experience.
Q: Can my family and friends join me on the tour?
A: Absolutely yes! Many of our guests who use a wheelchair or have difficulties walking have their adult children, grandchildren or friends join our tours. Our tours offer the same great experience and adventure for everyone joining the tour no matter their degree of ability or age.
Q: What if I need just a little assistance on the tour?
A: As part of our group travel service, we assist our guests with their luggage, assistance in your room and wheelchair assistance on the tour. There is no extra charge for these services and we a pleased to help our guests to make their tour as easy and enjoyable as possible. It someone needs assistance with dressing and daily care needs, we also offer our Travel Companion Service at a nominal fee.
Q: What if I am traveling alone?
A: Our guests you travel alone may either choose to have single accommodations or we can assist you in finding a roommate. Whichever option you select, we will be there to assist you every step of the way. We have many guests who travel unaccompanied and they have a wonderful time on our tours because of the comradery of our groups. Many of our guests have formed life-long friendships and now travel together on our tours. We are proud of the fact that we have more than a 90 percent return rate with our guests.
Q: I am unable to walk - can I still fly internationally?
A: Yes, we will assist you with your flight arrangements and coordinate the wheelchair assistance for you both in the airport and on the plane. Today, many regulations and guidelines exist to assure that air transportation is accessible for you.

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