Well Tim, you have done it again. Great trip design. You really kept us busy and we love the quaint small towns along with the “big” one. Guides were fantastic!

Chris and Stephen J.

What a wonderful trip!
Eddie and Pat, you were outstanding, anticipating our every need.
The guides were exceptional.
We can’t thank you enough for being so caring.

Marsha and Stan M.

Thanks for opening the world of travel for us through a great trip. We look forward to future adventures and memories.

Andy and Louise M.

You guys are truly amazing. That was an unbelievable experience. Not a glitch. The ship, your tours – finding transportation in those countries, and finding the best guides who made it all come alive for us.

Jim and Sue K.

Our expectations were high but the reality was even better. Thanks to you and Edward, we were able to do and see things we never thought possible.

Johan and Marcia G.

Timothy, thank you so much for being you. You are so sensitive to people’s needs. You do an excellent job. You made my vacation a real vacation. Keep up the good work.

Patricia B.

How to begin a heartfelt gratitude for the amazing gift you have given our family? Thank you from the bottom of our heart. Thanks to you and your loving care, we enjoyed a true family vacation. Without the grinding pressure of anxiety, uncertain accommodations and the inevitable crises, we were able to enjoy ourselves and each other in a whole new way.

Michael M.

Edward, your humor and kindness was a gift to us all. We think you’re wonderful and we started missing you on the Harwich pier. We can’t thank you enough. You gave my husband the care and support he needed without injuring his dignity.

Maria M.