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About us

Dignity Travel is committed to providing easy and accessible international tours for people who have difficulties walking or use a wheelchair. Our tours and services are designed to provide unique experiences while also delivering accessible accommodations, transportation, and sightseeing opportunities.

Our goal with the distinctive services we offer - such as travel companions who offer personal care assistance for those guests who need additional support while traveling – is to open the world of travel to anyone with a chronic illness, difficulties walking, limited distance walking or physical disability.

The intimate group tours we offer our guests strive to make sure that you have a worry-free travel experience, presented in a dignified, fun, and adventurous manner. Our groups are hosted by one or more of our staff members and individual travel companion services may be arranged as needed. There is always a host with the group to assure your travel arrangements go as planned, provide a push of your wheelchair, or assist you with any other needs you might have.

We at Dignity Travel look forward to hosting you on one of wonderful tours soon.