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About Us

Dignity Travel is committed to providing easy and accessible international tours for people who have difficulties walking or use a wheelchair. Our tours and services are designed to provide unique experiences while also delivering accessible accommodations, transportation and sightseeing opportunities.

Our goal with the distinctive services we offer - such as travel companions who offer personal care assistance for those guests who need additional support while traveling – is to open the world of travel to anyone with a chronic illness, difficulties walking, limited distance walking or physical disability.

The intimate group tours we offer our guests strive to make sure that you have a worry-free travel experience, presented in a dignified, fun and adventurous manner. Our groups are hosted by one or more of our staff members and individual travel companion services may be arranged as needed. There is always a host with the group to assure your travel arrangements go as planned, provide a push of your wheelchair or assist you with any other needs you might have.

We at Dignity Travel look forward to hosting you on one of wonderful tours soon.

Our Team

We love traveling with you and assisting with your vacation plans.

Timothy Holtz


Timothy is the president of Dignity Travel. In 2009 he began contracting with Flying Wheels Travel to provide group travel opportunities. He has both developed and hosted numerous global tours and expands his expertise with Dignity Travel. Timothy’s accessible travel expertise was proceeded with nearly ten years experience of working with people who have a chronic illness or disability with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Timothy developed national award winning programs and services for people living with MS and provided travel opportunities, weekend getaways and advocacy for people with various disabilities. Today, he is expanding intimate group travel around the world and is committed to high standards and enjoyable travel experiences for all our guests.        

Edward Gillespie

Group Travel Coordinator/Travel Companion

Edward was employed as a PCA and physical therapist assistant in California and Alabama before changing careers and moving to Minnesota. For nearly ten years, Edward was a volunteer with the National MS Society, Minnesota Chapter assisting people with multiple sclerosis at MS Camp and getaways. He was recognized as a Volunteer All-star by the MS Society in 2008 and is highly respected and admired by clients he has had the privilege to aid throughout the years. Edward has partnered in the formation of Dignity Travel and is passionate about providing people with a disability or chronic illness the opportunity to travel. He  extends his expertise to coordinating, hosting and providing personal care assistance on our group tours.

Gayle Beech

Group Assistant/Travel Companion

Gayle has been a critical care nurse for the past 32 years. She has worked in a variety of positions in various parts of the United States including the position of flight nurse. Gayle was the first Registered Nurse in the country to become a driving rehabilitation specialist – teaching people with a disability to regain their independence by learning to drive again. She continues to assist people with their independence as she supports our guests in discovering the world.

Patricia Gillespie

Group Assistant/Travel Companion

Patricia has vast experience with geriatric care and providing assistant for people with multiple sclerosis. She is now sharing her experience by assisting our guests with their personal care needs. Our Dignity Travel guests truly appreciate Patricia’s attention to details, patience and friendliness. 

Monica Rudnick

Group Assistant/Travel Companion

Monica has worked in geriatric care for more than 30 years as a nurse’s aide and in Home Health Care. She has a long history of caring for peo​ple and Monica has found it to be a very rewarding career. She has served as a travel companion with Flying Wheels Travel for more than five years and is highly appreciated for her service. Monica considers it an honor to be available to help to make your travel experience one to remember with Dignity Travel.